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Makayla Léone is a #1 Bestselling Author, Love Alchemist, and creator of the ground breaking Hypnotic Mediations™.  Her mission is to guide high-achievers to a greater life of excellence and fulfillment. Through her signature  program Rise To Your Full Potential™,  she will help you create an inspired life with Improved health, more intimacy in relationships, a sense of purpose and increased prosperity!


After a decade of deep transformation, research, and study with some of the greatest minds in Human Potential, Makayla discovered and created what many people consider to be the greatest tools for massive personal growth and change.  Makayla has condensed years of learning, research and science into a simple, effective 7 step blueprint formula that anyone can follow to change their life.  Her Breakthrough Process, Hypnotic Mediations™ , Mentoring, Books and Products can assist you along your path of greatness to become who you are meant to be: a diamond shining bright!

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