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"Makayla Leone inspires me to live in full honesty and truth.  Mediocrity is unacceptable to her  and having the best and being your best self , is the only option.  I have known her through the years and she is a real force to be reckoned with.  She goes after life with a hunger and thirst, like in the words of Ramakrishna-  "like a man whose hair is on fire goes after a pond."  Being in her presence is being in  the energy of a master and so you are invited to do the same.  Makayla is the epitome of beauty inside and out, and a role model for women, the goddess who found her power and love.  The world needs to get ready for her!" Audrey Hope -Spiritual Counselor (Creator of Real Women TV)

It's 2 weeks since my session with Makayla. I have had break through after break through in relationships, career and life. Makayla's intuition, patience & tools helped to unblocked painful looming feelings I have had my whole life. Things that normally would trigger me, send me spiraling into a depression or sea of old hurts.... I don't feel that way anymore. I am free. I am taking more risks & seeing the results in all areas of my life. If you're willing to give it your all, you will see changes in your life. To your health, wealth & Happiness!- Alisa Schulz (Actress, Model, Photographer)

"A quality that is so important to me is authenticity that comes from the heart. Makayla is the type of person that operates from a place of purity from the heart, and with a genuine authenticity in her approach to life. I am proud to say she is an amazing student and t trainer."  Matthew B. James, PhD

" When I was seeking professional guidance I was referred to Makayla. Her ability was evident the moment we met and spoke, completely putting me at ease and eliminating any fears I had. I sought her out for multiple situations because  of her knowledge, expertise, guidance, patience and non judge-mental attitude.  After our sessions I excelled and received measurable results and conquered what was keeping me back in life. She taught me how to break through boundaries,open your heart,take risks which made  me a better person and even more successfulMakayla is truly a gift from the Heavens combined with her knowledge she will  help to transform your life like she has mine.  Sabastian Reich, (Celebrity Esthetician) 

"Makayla is an alchemist.  I came to see her feeling fragmented and imbalanced, but following our session, I felt energized, empowered, and most importantly equipped with the tools to create positive changes in my life. She helped me to transmute emotional chaos into much needed clarity and enabled me to eliminate psychic blockages and negative self talk that were ultimately impeding my growth.  Makayla has the intuitive knowledge and compassion to guide you through the barriers of fear, resistance and doubt and motivate you towards your own powerful breakthrough! - M.L. Andrens (Master Astrologist)

"Ms Makayla is amazing!  I felt like a new woman when I left from my session with her.  My goals were in place, my mind was refreshed and the baggage I was carrying was gone. Ms Makayla helped me to release the guilt and pain that was weighing me down.  I felt so light and ready to start again.  I have stopped beating myself up and blaming myself for everything.I was able to walk out and make changes that I so desperately wanted but didn't have the confidence to accomplish. One of my goals was to lose weight and I have lost almost 15 pounds.   I have let go of guilt I never should have had, and I am more in touch with my feelings and needs.I can look my boss in the eye and know that I am important to his company and not feel so unimportant!I have a lot more to accomplish in my life and thanks to Makayla I know I can do it and do it well!!!" Sabrina Goettker (Regional Recruiting Manager)

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